Website Design Service

The ins and outs of successful SEO changes on a frequent basis. Search engines change their algorithms (the methods used to rank sites in search results) as their understanding of what users want changes. These requirements are often complex and are modified to the point of having to rethink an entire SEO strategy. They are based on concrete data, such as internal and external linking, keyword usage, the amount of traffic a site gets, and the length of visitor engagement on a website. However, other factors, as well, make up these algorithms and determine if your site is ranked on the first results page of a search query or not at all. If your business website has done well in the past, but has seen a recent decline in traffic or a smaller profit margin, it may be time to have an audit done to ensure you are within the constraints of what larger search engines are looking at when they are crawling your pages.

SEO Friendliness

Our experts at ALYR Marketing know building a professional website is an important part of a business's marketing strategy. In this day and age of cyber living your online presence can make or break your brand. More and more consumers are using the digital world for everything they need to exist, including everything from online shopping to virtual health appointments. To stand out among the competition in your industry, you need a site that shows up in related searches, draws visitors in immediately, and makes them want to learn more about your company, rather than click through to the next result

Informative Content

Along with creating a site that users will find, it is important to have informative content that will make them stay and look into your company further. Search engines now also look at the value of the content a website offers, as well as SEO practices. For example, a few years back it was thought that the more keywords you had on a page, the higher up you will be when someone types in that word or phrase. Though, this did work for awhile, search engines caught on to the practice and will now penalize in their search results if you if you have too many keywords. You need to strike a balance between too little and too much to get the right attention from crawlers. If your content is nothing but a bunch of stuffed keywords, with no real substance on the subject matter, a visitor will not return to your site when seeking concrete advice or information.

Interactive Design

Building an attractive site, getting a lot of traffic to visit, and offering valuable content is just the start of creating a successful business website. User experience (UX) across all devices is of equal importance. No matter how insightful your content is, it does no good if a potential customer cannot access it on their chosen device. Not only is this important to get and retain visitors, it is also another thing search engines now take into consideration when ranking your site.


Whether you are building a brand new business website or need to improve an existing one, we offer proficient site audits and design consultation for all sizes of companies. Contact us, today, for an expert quote. Your future brand will thank you for it.